Hi! I'm Lorenzo.

If you're here, you probably share at least one of my loves, such as space, science, math, programming, investing, Korea, fitness, and/or nutrition. You probably got here through some overlap between those topics. You might also have come by me through one of my favorite assertions such as these:

  • You can change your entire culture through environmental determinism.
  • Everyone needs some easy wins, but participation trophies are harmful.
  • If you don't have a twenty-five year plan, you won't dream big enough.
  • Extended periods of comfort will limit your total personal growth.
  • You need a personal critic to help shave off your rough edges.

I am a developer and reformed serial founder. I've been a part of the founding team of half a dozen startups. (Pre-COVID) I bounce(d) back and forth between Korea so often that the flight attendents no longer asked what I wanted for drinks and meals. They simply brought it, and got it correct every time.

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